5 Things to Do When You Visit Branson, MO

Branson, Missouri is one of the largest tourist destinations in the Midwest. There is a lot of attraction in Branson, and people of all ages are sure to find some things to see and do while in town. While there are hundreds of museums, museums, shops, parks, playgrounds and other activities in Branson, the following are five of the most recommended.
1. Branson Scenic Railway

For a wonderful scenic tour of the Ozarks and the surrounding Branson area, a trip to the Scenic Railways is a must. While on a rail tour, the guide provides riders with a lot of information and history about the Branson area.
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The scenery that can be seen from the train is breathtaking, and the train cars, which were designed as they were in the old days, allow riders to feel like they are on a train journey from the past.

2. Dixie Stampon’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show
This show is one of Branson’s most popular attractions. The characters on stage have superb costumes, gorgeous singing voices, and are expert at riding the 32 horses participating in the show. The dinner served is delicious and can be considered home cooking.

3. The Presidency of America

One of the most recommended museums in Branson is the Museum of the Presidency of America. This museum is anything but ordinary, and a visit is really fun.
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The museum is home to several dresses, which were owned and dressed up by some former First Ladies, and there are also exhibits containing some of the personal items from the estates of President Lincoln, President Roosevelt, and President Kennedy.

4. Whether or not Ripley trusts the museum

This museum is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the whole city. There are several hundred items in the museum that have entertained and surprised visitors for decades.
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The building that houses the museum was built to look as if it were a victim of the 1812 earthquake that struck Missouri.

5. The Silver Dollar City

City Dollar Silver is a theme park that is a favorite among visitors of all ages. The park includes a craftsman’s village reminiscent of an 1880s town, trips to the amusement park and a water park called “White Water.” City Dollar Silver also usually hosts various music festivals and celebrations.
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The park has a night fireworks display in addition to a laser show and music. There are several places to dine in and around City Dollar Silver, but a trip to the Branson Belle Showboat – a cruise ship – is a truly memorable experience as it includes a meal as well as a dinner show.


Bicycles – Common Safety Tips for Riding the Long Railway in Missouri Katy

Here are seven safety tips for driving Katy between her points 238 miles, Clinton (west) and Machens (east), MO.
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1. Protective head cover. Cyclists can fall at any time on this type of trail from soft spots, debris and distractions.

2. Road traffic at intersections. Bicyclists have no right of way where the trail crosses farm roads, back roads and state roads. Most of these crossings are partially closed on both sides of the road. Narrow gate openings signify busy intersections.
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3. Insects, occasional snakes and animals. Poison ivy, ticks, mosquitoes, and venomous venomous spiders either rarely exist along the entire corridor of the trail. Some snakes, most of them harmless, lie on the trail without moving during different hours of the day.
An accidental execution of a poisonous copper or woody head can be dangerous. Immediate repair by these animals could leave the rider bitten on the ankle or foot as the front wheel passes over it. Also, other animals may not see or hear the rider coming, causing the second derailment.
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4. Sharp or self-protection device. No large wild carnivorous animals exist on the trail. Bobcats, which are quite small, will avoid humans as do coyotes, foxes and deer. However, a casual dog or a barking can be scary at times; otherwise, most of them are friendly and harmless. Also, a stray cow may appear on the trail from now on. An air horn is useful in these situations.
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Moreover, crime does not exist on the trail except for the rare vandalism of remotely parked cars. Although many women ride it alone, wearing a protective device (eg, pepper spray) is a good safety practice.
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5. Falling branches or rocks. Tree branches from trail canopies rarely fall apart on their own because they are cut down by Rangers stations. But they will fall or weaken during high winds and storms. Most rocks, if and when they fall from the high bluffs between Rocheport and Matson, will descend to the inner edge of the trail.
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6. Shoulders high or soft. The shoulders in the high sections of the trail, especially those high near the Missouri River in its eastern two-thirds, are often soft. This condition can lead to a sudden collapse of the slide or steep embankment.
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7. Near the trailhead. A good rule of thumb is to stay on or near the middle of the limestone trail itself as much as possible, except on paved trails or in publicly populated places near the trail. Flat tires causing thorns and sharp twigs lie there.
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Also, accessing the far right of roads on either side of the corridor, or approaching the troubled Missouri River can be very dangerous. It means encountering poisonous spiders, scorpions and snakes, ticks, horns, arrows, galley mosquitoes, nats, oak / oak, thorns, spills, falling down steep slopes on sharp rocks, possible drowning, not to mention being caught by the private. property.
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In short, use the baths in the back alleys or public places as much as possible.
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Communities and trails that have baths available in season (west to east).

  • Clinton (trail)
  • Calhoun (petrol station / convenience store, trail north behind fence)
  • Windsor (front rails, convenience store, restaurant)
  • Green Ridge (front rails, convenience store, bar grill if open)
  • Sedalia (Big Trail)
  • Clifton City (back trail)
  • Pilot Grove (handkerchief, convenience store)
  • Boonville (bumper, museum, bike shop, casino)
  • The New Franklin (Rear Trail)
  • Rocheport (scarf, cafe with park / bike shop)
  • Huntsdale (camp site store w / camp site)
  • McBaine (attractive head, bar grill when open)
  • Conveniently (shop nearby w / camp site)
  • Wilton (country store)
  • Hartsburg (vanguard, hotel, cafe, bar grill)
  • Claysville (weekend cafe)
  • North Jefferson
  • Tebbetts (main trails, Turner-KT Hotel)
  • Mokane (headscarf, day market, bar grill)
  • Steedman (bar grill / general store when open)
  • Portland (footpath, parkside campground, bar grill when open)
  • Bluffton (Bike-friendly B & Bs, Park Campground)
  • Rhineland Park
  • McKittrick (beginner, 1/2 mile south convenience store on Route 19)
  • Treloar (scarf, grill when open)
  • Peers (local park store)
  • Marthasville (fuel trail, gas station, grill 1/2 mile south on Route 94)
  • Dutzow (warning, cafe-parking)
  • Augusta (main track, canteen, cafe)
  • Matson (trail)
  • Protection (bike shop from the park, bar grill when opened)
  • Weldon Spring (trail)
  • Green Bottom
  • St Charles (main rails, warehouse store, w / small park facilities)
  • Attractive cars

To learn more about the Katy-Trail safely and the tags, see the following websites.
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My grandfather, John Jones and the Porters of Pullman sleeping cars

My grandfather, John Jones was born in Gonzales, Texas in September, 1888. He grew up in this small town and attended local grade school there. At the age of sixteen, and after receiving a young daughter, Minnie Weathers for his wife, he moved to the Cattle Empire of Fort Worth, Texas.

For over forty years, my grandfather's job was that of being a member of a dapper group of prominent black gentlemen known as the Pullman Sleeping Vehicle Porters or simply Pullman Porters. They were named after George Pullman of the Pullman Palace Train Car Company, the inventor of the Sleeping Pullman Vehicle which was created for luxury long-distance train travel.

As Pullman Porter, my grandfather traveled from his home in Fort Worth to many different train routes across the United States for the Texas and Pacific Railways during the peak of the train journey from 1922 to 1962 when he retired.

When I, his nephew, born in Fort Worth, moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1977, he told me many stories about his train journey to Kansas City. He told of arriving at the nation's second largest station, downtown Union Station (Grand Central Station in New York, being the first) and seeing all the billboards on a hill beyond the station (where now located Westin Crown Center Hotel) and then the overnight stay at the Streets for Blacks Hotel, located in what is now known as the 18th Circle & Vine Historic Jazz (US National Historic Site District).

My grandparents had been happily married for 65 years. They raised seven children all educated in college by the salary he received and the advice he gained from the many traveling passengers he served. My grandmother passed away in 1978 as my grandfather turned 99 and died on Thursday, June 9, 1988 just months before turning 100 years old.

The Pullman Porters and their rich American history: George Pullman of the Pullman Palace Train Car Company, founded in 1862, made train cars and developed the luxury Pullman car, which was used on trains for long trips and overnight. These train cars, first introduced on the railroad in 1867, had carpets, draperies, upholstered chairs, libraries and card tables, in addition to private bedrooms with beds and baths for long train journeys.

Mr. Pullman had the idea to hire a group of very prominent, well-behaved, well-dressed African-American men to serve as Pullman Porters to assist passengers on trains for whatever needs they might have while aboard. This proved to be a great job for Porters and was considered a very prestigious job for what Mr. Pullman called a "Wheelchair Hotel".

During the 1920s, Mr. Pullman owned over 9,800 Pullman train cars and employed over 12,000 African American Porters. He was the largest Blacks employer in the country at the time.

The day job for a Pullman Porter was long and arduous, but it offered a good pay over time and also offered porters a chance to see the place. During their early years they would work 400 hours a month and receive 35 cents an hour or about $ 810.00 a year plus the advice they would make. This was good money and enabled them to take good care of their families and send their children to college. Their prestigious jobs also helped define the then-black middle class.

The Pullman Porters were essentially servants and had to endure all sorts of behavioral behaviors from white passengers. There were many occasions when they were not called by their names, but instead they were called "George" after George Pullman or just "boy", which everyone hated.

Their day-to-day work included shinning shoes, making beds, providing room service, luggage assistance or almost anything that travelers wanted or needed. The better the service, the better the advice they hope they will receive. Sometimes a quarter and sometimes even a rare dollar if they provided very good service. Furthermore, the Pullman Enterprise's labor policy was harsh and allowed porters to sleep only four hours each night and they had to pay for uniforms, logging and food.

On August 25, 1925 the Brotherhood of Sleeping Carriers was founded by a black businessman, A. Philip Randolph. It was the first all-black labor union and helped pave the way for better employment benefits for porters.

On August 25, 1937, the Pullman Company signed a labor agreement with Pullman Porters which became the first labor agreement ever made between black workers and a large American enterprise. The outcome of the deal included benefits such as reducing their working hours from 400 per month to 250 and raising their pay from $ 67.50 per month to a minimum of $ 89.50 per month.

The Pullman Porters were highly respected members of their communities and were believed to contribute to the development of the black middle class in America, just like Black Doctors, Jurists, and Educators.

In 1968, the Pullman Company finished operating its sleeper cars, and several railway undertakings took over the Pullman Car function. Goalkeepers were transferred to companies such as Union Pacific Union and later Amtrak.

In conclusion, if you have a chance to board the Amtrak train today and notice a handsome Black Man taking care of your every need, take good advice and remember the proud history of the Brotherhood of Sleep Carriers and in particular, remember my grandfather, Pullman Porter John Jones no "George" or "The Boy."

Girlaw Spa Getaways is renewed and reposted

Looking to take a break from your fast-paced style and reconnect with some old friends? There is nothing like a getaway from the bathroom to help you find your inner self as well as discover your dearest friends while enjoying some distractions. Spa packages provide groups with an opportunity to enjoy treatments, eat healthy, and enjoy some fun activities. It has never been a better time to try a cooking class with your mom, join a yoga class with your friends, or try an exotic spa treatment with your sister as you make lasting memories.

The Girl's Celebration Package at Aspira Spa at the Osthoff Resort in Lake Elkhart, Wisconsin, is a great way to celebrate a characteristic birthday or get away with good friends. On the AAA Four Diamond property, Spa Aspira is rated as one of the Midwest’s premier mid-sized apartments. The girlfriends start their two-night stay with a champagne and chocolate toast, followed by a well-deserved relaxation in the bathroom. Treatments include massage, hydrotherapy, chromatherapy, balneotherapy, faces, manicures, pedicures, and more. The package also offers a French-style cooking class and unlimited use of Aspira Spa and Osthoff Resort facilities.

The Thelma and Louise Spa Package at Bacara Spa in Santa Barbara, California, features luxurious accommodation for two nights, as well as a tasting and wine tour of the Santa Ynez Valley. Located on 78 hectares of beach, an escape to Bacara is about good life. Spa services feature luxury lines like Sonya Dakar and guests recharge their batteries with pilates, yoga and meditation classes. Two miles of Bacara Beach is a water sports playground.

Plan a girls getaway to Canyon Ranch, the world’s leading lifestyle resort and you may never want to go home. Located in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts, the Girlfriends Getaway package features outdoor adventures, fitness classes, renowned cuisine and a team of wellness professionals. In an ambiguous environment, guests learn about their health and preventative care.

Relaxation and pampering are the hallmarks of the Chateau at Lake Resort in Branson, Missouri. Their Spa Getaway girls relieve the strains of one-on-one life in the glowing whirlpools coming out of Lake Rock Lake. Visitors then choose between the Chateau Dogwood Signature Massage, the Hot Stone Massage, or the Slim and Tone Packaging, followed by the signature spa bath. Guests also enjoy access to the Eucalyptus steam room and relaxation lounge on the day of their service. Afterwards, Pals hit stores in Branson Landing with a shopping pass, which featured hundreds of dollars in savings.

Girls in need of a real pet head at Claremont Resort & Spa in Berkeley, Calif., Where the two-night Damsels package in the Distress package fights daily stress with a focus on personal well-being. Visitors begin with a private yoga session, followed by a pre-spa ritual to soothe tension, nutritional therapy and aromatherapy massage. The package also includes dinner at the popular Paragon Bar & Café with live jazz and views of San Francisco Bay.

For girls who love shopping therapy, the Girlfriends Escape Package at Four Season Hotel in Las Vegas includes in-room cocktails prepared by the hotel's martini butler, an exclusive Saks Fifth Avenue shopping excursion, gourmet breakfasts and luxurious accommodation. And after all that shopping, the girls are treated to a pet foot massage at Four Season Spa, as well as a make-up consultation with a Saks Fifth beauty specialist.

Branson Vacation – Travel Tips for the Best Network Secret in the Midwest

I consider myself a professional Branson traveler. I too can pay taxes in the city as I am so much there. As a child, my family traveled to this exciting destination almost every year. I went to a quick Branson for a few years during college, but for the last seven years I have indulged in a Branson Buffet.

From memory, I can recite the names of almost every show in town. I can direct you to any theater, regardless of its location. And you would have better believe I have a strong opinion of every show and attraction in town. Yeah, I'm a 28-year-old Branson freak.

Basic Facts

If you've never traveled to Branson, you might wonder what is it that makes Branson, Missouri so special. It's in the middle of nowhere and yet it's one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country.

Indeed Branson is special for many reasons. While Branson may seem to be in the middle of nowhere, he's actually in the middle of floats. Branson is one of the most popular car destinations in America. Since it is almost in the geographical center of the United States, it is a convenient location for much of the country. Although there are some people flying to Springfield / Branson Regional Airport, most of the millions of visitors will be traveling to the city.

This actually creates one of the most frustrating situations in Branson. Traffic can be a nightmare. Branson was not designed for heavy traffic. The city had a major development in the 1980s and literally outgrown its road system. At least 75% of tourist sites are directly linked to HWY 76. This is the main artery that goes, or should I say, crawl through the city. The city has tried to ease some of the traffic through well-marked alternative roads. Most of the traffic still uses 76 exclusively. If this is your first time in Branson, I would encourage you to run the "belt" (HWY 76) twice to generally learn the area, then get a Free map from each booklet screen and learn alternative routes. You will save time and may not be the only way to get to a show in time.

It's almost impossible to believe until you've tried it, but Branson's traffic jams starting in the middle of the afternoon are worse than the rush hour in every city in the country. Movement is measured in inches rather than feet.

To give you a good idea, I would like to share an experience I had in July 2004. My wife and I stayed at Old Downtown Branson, which is on the east end of HWY 76, near the intersection of HWY 65 and HWY 76. We had plans to see the Spirit of Dance at the Branson Variety Theater. The BV Theater is right in the heart of the bar, but it was less than 4 miles from our hotel. The show started at 8 p.m. We decided to leave at 5:00 pm. so we would have time to catch dinner along the way and still get to the show in time. At 7:15 p.m. we hadn't eaten dinner and were still at least a mile from the theater. Traffic was not moving. To make it a very long story, at 8:05 p.m. we finally pulled into the theater parking lot and entered the show after it had already started. We had to eat after the show, not before.

The next evening, we saw Cirque at the Remington Theater, which is entirely across town. We left again at 5:00 pm. for this 8:00 p.m. performances, but this time we used alternate routes and arrived at the theater well before 6pm. We had plenty of time to stroll through the neighboring shops and have dinner before the show.

Tip # 1: Don't waste valuable vacation time – Use alternative routes!

Don't let traffic keep you away from Branson. Honestly, it’s just part of the fun. There are still many reasons to come to Branson.

The Ozark Hills and Mountains are another reason to visit Branson. No, you will not see the height and grandeur of the Rockies, but you are still surrounded by beautiful scenery. The Ozarks are the pride of its country charm and slow pace. You can come to Branson waiting for shows and retreats and end up enjoying the Mark Twain National Forest natural trails or playing in the waters of one of the two pristine lakes that surround the city. The Ozarks are a dream of a nature lover.

Tip # 2: Take Time To Enjoy The Ozarks – They're FREE Attraction!

There's honestly something for everyone in Branson. Many cities will say that, but Branson can back that claim. Adults and seniors are sure to find some shows they will like. With over 100 shows to choose from there will be one for each person in the group. But there are plenty of high energy music, magic and comedy shows that keep kids and teens obsessed. There are also several amusement parks and water parks including Silver Dollar Silver and White Water. I will get into more of the current draws in the rest of the column, so look for more information in other parts of the column.

Branson Chances, Theater and Tickets

Let's take a look at what made Branson famous – shows and theaters

You will arrive in Branson in a media overload. There are more than 50 different theaters in Branson. Most theaters have several different shows running throughout the day. Top entertainers will perform at 8pm. shows, but that doesn't mean the morning and afternoon shows are second tier. They are just as good in most cases. Whether you're looking for a capital or not, there are over 100 shows to keep you busy throughout the city.

The whole Branson craze kicked off with just a couple shows. Presley's Country Jubilee and Baldknobbers' Jamboree. Both of these varied shows and country comedies are still going on today, 40-50 years later. They are among the most popular shows in the city for good reason. They put on a quality show every night and their fans come back year after year.

If you enjoy country music and gospel served alongside hilarious comedy, then you'll find your fill in Branson. Apart from the two shows mentioned there are already many more of these genres across the city. Some of the other popular ones include Pierce Arrow, Grand Jubilee and Braschlers.

Another major category of performances in the city can be grouped as the family indicates. This is not to say that they are designed for the whole family to enjoy, because that would describe almost every Branson show. By family shows, I mean for most casters and sometimes the crew comes from the same family. Duttons, Haygoods, Lowes, Hughes and the Brett Family, just to name a few. All these families combine their amazing harmonies to create some of the best and most touching shows in town.

Imposers are another great set of shows in town. Tony Roy is one of the most cited Elvis impersonators in the world. He has his own show and he occasionally performs with The Legends Live in Concert, which also has a popular show in town. You'll also find a performance of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline. One I personally highly recommend is a full-length comedy show called A Tribute to Red Skelton.

There are some Broadway-style shows that prove Branson has it all. You can see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cirque, Spirit of the Dance and even off-Broadway shows as touching and funny, Smoke On The Mountain.

Then Branson is also famous for a wide category of shows that are designed with your family in mind. These shows are designed to amaze children and surprise adults. This set includes everything from comedians to wizards. Starting with Wizards you will find some great shows with great illusions on the Grand Illusion, Darren Romeo and The Hamner Barber Variety Show. If magic is not your thing, what about Chinese Acrobats, Comedy Pet Theater, Bounce the Basketball Show or even a live family show called Hot Seat.

If you remember the 20's and 30's, 50's, 60's or 70's – really every decade, you'll be able to take a trip down memory lane. You can skip the 50's on The Hop or stumble into the & # 39; 70. You can even choose to drive in Motown.

At this time you are probably hungry. We can't forget the dinner shows. Of course the Dixie Stampede with its horses and a buffalo stampede is the biggest show in town, but you can also enjoy a ribeye steak as you watch lumber competing on the Tall Timber Lumberjack Show. If you want to take a cruise on Table Rock Lake, the Premier Rib Dinner Show on the Showboat Branson Belle is indisputable. You can also enjoy a delicious Western BBQ meal at the Chuckwagon Circle Show Dinner. If you like music while eating, try the White House Theater or catch Show Bob. You will not go hungry, and you will get a show to boot.

Finally, the headlines. In the mid-1980s there were many well-known performers who moved to Branson and opened theaters. Some of them are still here and performing great shows. If you remember Andy Williams, Ray Stevens, Jim Stafford, Mickey Gilley, Mel Tillis, The Gatlin Brothers, Pam Tillis or Roy Clark, you'll love watching them live in Branson. The Grand Palace brings the hottest performers on tour today. It’s not uncommon for Tim McGraw to be on stage one week and Jeff Foxworthy to appear next week.

Branson has also created her own titles. Arrow-starred Shoji Tabuchi is one of Branson's best-known performers, and he has, without a doubt, the most decorated theater baths in Branson. Other performers like Moe Bandy, Doug Gabriel and Paul Harris have made a name for themselves in this difficult city.

I didn't even try to mention all the shows in Branson. In fact, I didn't even start scratching the surface. Performers and shift locations change all the time, so some of the performances mentioned may disappear by the time this article ends.

I encourage you to use sites like Branson Critic and the Branson Lake Area Chamber of Commerce website to find shows that your family will enjoy. Branson Critic has plenty of show ratings in the area. Normal people like you write all the ratings. They watched the show and wrote a review. This is a great way to decide which shows to watch.

Another great way to find a good show while in town is to ask the front desk clerk at your hotel or waiter serving your lunch. Locals know which shows are necessary and which shows to avoid. You can even start a conversation with the person sitting next to you at a show. Find out what they saw and thought. You can even make a friend.

Tip # 3: Brochures don't tell the whole story – ask locals for the truth about which shows are a must.

This would be a great time to talk about ticket prices. Branson shows are not free. If you look very hard you will find a couple shows for under $ 15. There are a few others in the $ 18 – $ 22 range, but most show tickets are at least $ 25 per adult ticket. Dinner shows are even more so.

You will find coupons in free magazines throughout the city. With these you can save a few dollars per ticket. Check out the booklet shelves for coupons.

You can even have a Timeshare company offer you free tickets. This is an option worth considering, but I'll discuss in a recent article

There is still one more way to save tickets. You can check on eBay for Branson show tickets. I've bought them there before. I paid less than half the price. This way requires a little more effort, but it can save you a lot of money.

I hope some of these basic tips for traveling to Branson will benefit you and your family.

Riding through the desert

One of the most formative experiences of my life – perhaps because it was borderline traumatic – happened to me when I first went to the beautiful state of California to start my new job back in 2000.

At the time, I was working at St. Louis, MO, and had just accepted a job in Northern California. I had a few days before I started, so I decided to travel across the country from Missouri to California to the bright blue Pontiac Grand Am. I rode through Missouri, Kansas and Colorado on I-70 heading west. It was a pretty nice car. I can still remember driving around the vast expanse of Kansas bins – I had never run across such a wide plain in my life – and enjoying the sunset, the widest, widest horizon I had ever seen. I also remember the weird hotel of the place where I slept at night and the amazing snow-capped peaks in the distance as I drove through Colorado the next day after crossing Denver.

Very soon, I arrived in Utah and went I-15 north to Salt Lake City, where I reached I-80 heading west toward California. Leaving Salt Lake City, what awaited me was a long stretch of paddling through an unbearable wasteland – the deserts of Utah and Nevada – a rough and ruthless drive. I still remember checking my gas as I left Salt Lake City – the gas meter read half full (or half empty, depending on how you look at it)! "No problem," I thought to myself. "This should be enough gas to get me to the next city, where I can refill." And so, I began my fatal drive through the Bonneville Salt Flats, the scary desert stretch west of Salt Lake City City.

As I continued on my way, the desert faded in front of me – a vast, strange wilderness. Not the slightest allusion to civilization or culture for miles. I continued along the highway, looking nervously at the gas meter. The sun went down mercilessly. I passed by the occasional truck on the otherwise empty road. Not a car to look at. The gas meter continued to fall, and there was still nothing. I began to wonder if I would ever go to the next city. I started imagining horrible scenarios – stranded in the middle of the desert without food, water or gas for my car. Even if I had a cellphone in me – and I didn't at the time – it surely would have been useless in the middle of the salt flats!

In the end, I literally headed into the fumes and prayed to Jesus Christ with all my might, but still, moving forward through the wilderness, hoping for a miracle! And a miracle came! Just as I heard my car's engine start spitting, I arrived at a gas station frequented by truckers. It seemed like the only refueling station in that desert for miles – a down-loaded institution for gasoline and other evidence – but it was, at the time, a real gift! An oasis! Nirvana! I whispered my thanks to God as the gas tank in my car swallowed the gasoline I pumped into it!

I continued my drive through the deserts of Nevada and as I approached California, from a distance, it really seemed to be the Promised Land – a green noise seemed to be set over the strange hills of Northern California, signifying the promise of salvation from the uninterrupted dry desert I had left behind me. And as I drove through a hilly stretch of road in California, approaching my destination, it really looked like "a land flowing with milk and honey!" It may sound somewhat naive, but that experience has stayed with me ever since. Can't help but wonder what might have happened if I had been quiet on the desert road, with the gas meter reading blank and nothing but the vast expanses of barren desert in all directions! This experience makes me think twice about taking something for granted and makes me appreciate art, culture and civilization more!

The vast horizons of the Kairies, the majestic mountainous horizons of Colorado, and the desert horizons of Utah and Nevada are rooted in my memory. The experience continues to inspire me to push forward in life, even when it seems to me that I am driving the desert in an empty gas tank – because if you move forward, you can just make it to the desert fuel station in the middle of nowhere it will save your life and allow you to continue on your journey to the Promised Land you are hoping for!

In this modern world, with all the amenities that civilization offers us, one can imagine that there is no more room for exploration or adventure, but this notion could not be further from the truth! As long as there are human beings on earth, there will still be new horizons to explore because the whole experience is subjective and civilization is always in flux!

Honolulu – A Land of Fantasy

If you've been planning a vacation, why not choose Honolulu? With its attractive historical sites, great landmarks, exotic beaches, the capital, Hawaii, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

Aloha! This Hawaiian greeting will be your favorite word when you return from a Hawaiian holiday. Hawaii's capital, Honolulu – completes the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The city is the third largest and most populous island in the United States. Since 1845, the city has been the capital of the Hawaiian Islands and gained widespread recognition for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and as the birthplace of Barack Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States.

The city of Honolulu offers a potpourri of Hawaiian hospitality and modern United States culture. A trip to this beautiful island will leave you enthralled and back home after a life-changing journey. Located on the southeast coast of Oahu Island, Honolulu is nourished by the crystal clear turquoise water of the Pacific Ocean and forms the natural gateway to Hawaii. The presence of tranquil beaches, excellent landscapes, tropical climate, beautiful volcano craters and many other natural and historical attractions make Honolulu a unique holiday destination.

There are many places you can visit in Honolulu. You can start with the world-renowned Waikiki strip that stretches from Ala Wai Canalon to the west and north, to the Diamond Head to the east. This beach, with a magnetic attraction to it, houses a plethora of both high-rise resorts and hotels and historic hotels dating back to the early 20th century.

The main attraction, while visiting Honolulu, has always been Pearl Harbor. It is a great experience to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri and the Punchbowl National Cemetery to explore the hidden history of these sites. Here, you can also watch movies filmed at other historical events in this country. The USS Missouri is the historic ship launched by the US Navy which commemorates the names of all the victims who died during the Japanese attack in 1941. The Punchbowl National Cemetery or the Pacific National Memorial Cemetery is the final resting place of all soldiers who lost their lives. in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Next you can head to Downtown Honolulu, which houses the beautiful residences of the Royal Hawaii family. Aloha Tower, one of Hawaii's largest buildings, is also located here. Shopping freaks can visit the Ala Maona Center which is the largest open-air shopping center in the world. Other places like Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, Bishop Museum and Honolulu Zoo are some of the ideal destinations to get a fun-filled holiday.

Honolulu houses some of Hawaii's exotic clubs, pubs, discotheques and restaurants. With unlimited fun, entertainment and excitement it will be hard for you to ignore this place. The availability of luxury accommodation and world-class transportation services will give you a once in a lifetime experience.

This experience begins with your arrival at Honolulu Airport, where you will get your first taste of Hawaiian hospitality – when you get the chance to board the world-famous Honolulu Limousine service. These Limousines are luxurious and comfortable, driven by drivers on a non-segregated basis and provide privacy when arriving at your destination.

Liens Medical Solution in Missouri Personal Injury Cases

An important aspect of dealing with a personal injury claim and maximizing the client's financial recovery lies in negotiating and resolving medical debts. Often, people who suffer personal injury due to the negligence of another do not have insurance. Other times, an injured person may have insurance but that insurance has a large deductible or insufficient coverage. Either way, the injured person may face significant medical bills and meetings long before he or she receives any compensation for his or her injuries.

This trial can be overwhelming, especially without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. In addition to treating the pain and suffering the injury itself, the plaintiffs may face lost wages as well as rising medical bills. The reality is that healthcare providers want to get paid and not be sympathetic to the injury of the injured person. In fact, providers will often hire a collection company to recover their bills within months of handling (which, of course, can affect one's credit). Moreover, some providers, usually chiropractors, will even go so far as to ask the patient to sign a document that intends to transfer to the provider the right to receive funds from a future personal injury recovery.

In Missouri, an assignment of a personal injury claim is invalid. According to the latest case of Huey v. Gary Meek, dba Meek Chiropractic (Mo. App. S.D. 2013) the appeals court stated that a chiropractor's "consensual debt" was invalid because it violated Missouri's public policy against assigning personal injury claims. Therefore, without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer who knows the law, injured persons may not pay their bills.

Further, Missouri has a health care debt statute, which is Section 430.225 of the Missouri Revised Statute. Pursuant to this statute, if the debts of such physicians, hospitals, clinics, or other institutions exceed fifty percent of the amount due to the patient, any healthcare practitioner, hospital, clinic, or other institution that reports its burden shall allocate up to fifty percent of the net proceeds are due to the patient, in proportion to each claim holding the total amount of all other healthcare practitioners, hospitals, clinics, or other institutions. "Net Income", as used in this section, means the amount remaining after the contracting attorney's fees have been paid, if any, and other recovery costs.

What this means is that the injured party will not have to pay more than fifty percent of the net proceeds for a claim (and that all providers are only entitled to their pro-rate portion of total invoices). For example, he assumes that an injured party hires a personal injury lawyer for a 1/3 fee and he wants to settle his claim for Fifteen thousand dollars ($ 15,000.00), but has medical bills totaling ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000.00). Assuming this scenario, assuming there is no cost, the medical provider is entitled to receive only five thousand dollars ($ 5,000.00). This situation results in 1/3 for the lawyer, 1/3 for the provider and 1/3 for the injured client. Therefore, without this statute, injured parties would often receive zero recovery.

Origin of the Mathers Family

Eminem's roots can be found in Scandinavia through his mother Debbie Nelson and in South Wales through his father Marshall Bruce Mathers II.

But Eminem has mostly Scottish blood flowing through his veins. On both sides (maternal and paternal sides), Scottish roots can be found.

Back in the 7th generation on the paternal side, Peter Mathers of Pennsylvania married a Scottish woman named Isabella (surname unknown). On the maternal side, Scottish roots can be found in the Marshall family in the 6th generation: Ailsa Mc Allister of Edingburgh immigrated to the United States exactly in New York in 1870.

Most of the Mathers worked as farmers in the state of Missouri.

Marshall Mathers I, Eminem's paternal grandfather worked as an assistant hotel manager at the Plainsman Hotel in St. Joseph Missouri, and his wife Rae was employed at the Del Cornonado Hotel in the services of friends.

When Eminem Rae's paternal grandmother died recently in 2002 of Alzheimer's, Marshall Mathers II discovered interesting documents relating to his famous son as a Christmas card from Marshall to his grandmother Rae. Etymology of the name Mathers Mathers means mower or reapers. The story of the name Mathers

The name Mathers is related to the Scottish Barclay clan. The Barclay family settled in a place called Mathers in Scotland in the 13th century. The story of Mathers goes back to an English immigrant Theobald of Berkeley and his son owning the Mathers estate. Alexander was the first to use the surname Mathers. Surname Mathers pronoun

It is commonly accepted that the surname Mathers is pronounced as if there was a y in the middle of the name: their Ma (y).

If you want to know more about the history and genealogy of the Mathers family, you can find some interesting information here:

homepage.ntlworld.com/davepalmer/eminem/credits.htm (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/davepalmer/eminem/credits.htm) I want to thank the people who made this site interesting. I discovered a lot of information about Marshall's paternal side. I have a lot of information about his maternal side, so I hope to be able to complete his family tree as soon as possible.

Great holiday offers from Grand Plaza Hotel

Branson, Missouri is dubbed the "Live Entertainment Capital of the World" because of the abundant shows across the country that draw millions of tourists around the world. Brandon is an ideal venue for a musical experience ranging from rock, pop, jazz, gospel and many other types of music. Live theater shows like comedy, drama, magic and many other specialty acts are among the city's attractions.

Hotel Grand Plaza

There is a variety of hotels available for comfortable and pleasant accommodation. And one of the prominent hotels located in the heart of Branson is the Grand Plaza Hotel. Near the Grand Plaza there are many restaurants, shopping malls, amusement parks, entertainment venues and many other great attractions.

The Grand Plaza Hotel boasts 200 stunning, spacious and newly remodeled rooms overlooking the Ozark Mountains. All bedrooms are equipped with coffee makers, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards. Free high-speed internet access is provided in all areas of the hotel so that you can maintain contact with business clients or family members.

Free breakfast is served daily from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Breakfast choices are:

or Separate Liquids

Hot Breakfast Buffet:

– Sausage

– Scrambled eggs

– Biscuits & Gravy

– Oatmeal

– Chips

or Cold Separated Cereals

o Apple sauce



o Fresh baked muffins

or muffin

or freshly roasted coffee

or Waffles

or Cappuccino

or hot tea

There is a team of dedicated and professional staff to provide 24-hour assistance. The friendly staff ensures that each guest is treated with hospitality.

The hotel comes furnished and equipped with the most modern equipment needed for conferences, wedding receptions, corporate events and other functions. The area is large enough to accommodate as many as 200 people. Restaurant and Lounge Plaza View is the hotel's in-house restaurant serving the finest local and international cuisine.

While enjoying the dinner, guests are entertained by Kenny Parrot, Branson's local artist. Group meetings can be organized with any food and drink as you wish. The food is served by the owner himself – Jack Hamilton. Accessible halls are also available for people with disabilities.

Honeymoon rooms or executive suites are ideal for business executives and newly married couples. These rooms are fitted with queen-size beds and a bathtub. It also includes a small kitchen with a microwave and mini fridge.

Other hotel amenities include:

or Interior Corridors

or Elevators

or Scenic View

Game Room

Fitness Center

or hot tub

Indoor pool

Sun deck

There are two great holiday offers – Prince and Princess, and Rome and Juliet.

Princes and Princess


or Bath and Body Accessories

or champagne & cups

or chocolate

Dinner for 2 at the Plaza View Restaurant ($ 40 dinner value)

The prices vary as follows:

$ 159.95 through April 15

$ 174.95 from April 16 to September 2

$ 179.95 from September 3 to October 7

$ 184.95 from October 8 to December 14

$ 151.95 from December 15 to December 31

Romeo and Juliet


or Bath and Body Accessories

or champagne & cups

or chocolate

Pricing depends on:

$ 119.95 through April 15

$ 134.95 from April 16 to September 2

$ 139.95 from September 3 to October 7

$ 144.95 from October 8 to December 14

$ 111.95 from December 15 to December 31