5 Things to Do When You Visit Branson, MO

Branson, Missouri is one of the largest tourist destinations in the Midwest. There is a lot of attraction in Branson, and people of all ages are sure to find some things to see and do while in town. While there are hundreds of museums, museums, shops, parks, playgrounds and other activities in Branson, the following are five of the most recommended.
1. Branson Scenic Railway

For a wonderful scenic tour of the Ozarks and the surrounding Branson area, a trip to the Scenic Railways is a must. While on a rail tour, the guide provides riders with a lot of information and history about the Branson area.
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The scenery that can be seen from the train is breathtaking, and the train cars, which were designed as they were in the old days, allow riders to feel like they are on a train journey from the past.

2. Dixie Stampon’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show
This show is one of Branson’s most popular attractions. The characters on stage have superb costumes, gorgeous singing voices, and are expert at riding the 32 horses participating in the show. The dinner served is delicious and can be considered home cooking.

3. The Presidency of America

One of the most recommended museums in Branson is the Museum of the Presidency of America. This museum is anything but ordinary, and a visit is really fun.
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The museum is home to several dresses, which were owned and dressed up by some former First Ladies, and there are also exhibits containing some of the personal items from the estates of President Lincoln, President Roosevelt, and President Kennedy.

4. Whether or not Ripley trusts the museum

This museum is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the whole city. There are several hundred items in the museum that have entertained and surprised visitors for decades.
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The building that houses the museum was built to look as if it were a victim of the 1812 earthquake that struck Missouri.

5. The Silver Dollar City

City Dollar Silver is a theme park that is a favorite among visitors of all ages. The park includes a craftsman’s village reminiscent of an 1880s town, trips to the amusement park and a water park called “White Water.” City Dollar Silver also usually hosts various music festivals and celebrations.
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The park has a night fireworks display in addition to a laser show and music. There are several places to dine in and around City Dollar Silver, but a trip to the Branson Belle Showboat – a cruise ship – is a truly memorable experience as it includes a meal as well as a dinner show.


Bicycles – Common Safety Tips for Riding the Long Railway in Missouri Katy

Here are seven safety tips for driving Katy between her points 238 miles, Clinton (west) and Machens (east), MO.
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1. Protective head cover. Cyclists can fall at any time on this type of trail from soft spots, debris and distractions.

2. Road traffic at intersections. Bicyclists have no right of way where the trail crosses farm roads, back roads and state roads. Most of these crossings are partially closed on both sides of the road. Narrow gate openings signify busy intersections.
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3. Insects, occasional snakes and animals. Poison ivy, ticks, mosquitoes, and venomous venomous spiders either rarely exist along the entire corridor of the trail. Some snakes, most of them harmless, lie on the trail without moving during different hours of the day.
An accidental execution of a poisonous copper or woody head can be dangerous. Immediate repair by these animals could leave the rider bitten on the ankle or foot as the front wheel passes over it. Also, other animals may not see or hear the rider coming, causing the second derailment.
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4. Sharp or self-protection device. No large wild carnivorous animals exist on the trail. Bobcats, which are quite small, will avoid humans as do coyotes, foxes and deer. However, a casual dog or a barking can be scary at times; otherwise, most of them are friendly and harmless. Also, a stray cow may appear on the trail from now on. An air horn is useful in these situations.
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Moreover, crime does not exist on the trail except for the rare vandalism of remotely parked cars. Although many women ride it alone, wearing a protective device (eg, pepper spray) is a good safety practice.
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5. Falling branches or rocks. Tree branches from trail canopies rarely fall apart on their own because they are cut down by Rangers stations. But they will fall or weaken during high winds and storms. Most rocks, if and when they fall from the high bluffs between Rocheport and Matson, will descend to the inner edge of the trail.
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6. Shoulders high or soft. The shoulders in the high sections of the trail, especially those high near the Missouri River in its eastern two-thirds, are often soft. This condition can lead to a sudden collapse of the slide or steep embankment.
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7. Near the trailhead. A good rule of thumb is to stay on or near the middle of the limestone trail itself as much as possible, except on paved trails or in publicly populated places near the trail. Flat tires causing thorns and sharp twigs lie there.
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Also, accessing the far right of roads on either side of the corridor, or approaching the troubled Missouri River can be very dangerous. It means encountering poisonous spiders, scorpions and snakes, ticks, horns, arrows, galley mosquitoes, nats, oak / oak, thorns, spills, falling down steep slopes on sharp rocks, possible drowning, not to mention being caught by the private. property.
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In short, use the baths in the back alleys or public places as much as possible.
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Communities and trails that have baths available in season (west to east).

  • Clinton (trail)
  • Calhoun (petrol station / convenience store, trail north behind fence)
  • Windsor (front rails, convenience store, restaurant)
  • Green Ridge (front rails, convenience store, bar grill if open)
  • Sedalia (Big Trail)
  • Clifton City (back trail)
  • Pilot Grove (handkerchief, convenience store)
  • Boonville (bumper, museum, bike shop, casino)
  • The New Franklin (Rear Trail)
  • Rocheport (scarf, cafe with park / bike shop)
  • Huntsdale (camp site store w / camp site)
  • McBaine (attractive head, bar grill when open)
  • Conveniently (shop nearby w / camp site)
  • Wilton (country store)
  • Hartsburg (vanguard, hotel, cafe, bar grill)
  • Claysville (weekend cafe)
  • North Jefferson
  • Tebbetts (main trails, Turner-KT Hotel)
  • Mokane (headscarf, day market, bar grill)
  • Steedman (bar grill / general store when open)
  • Portland (footpath, parkside campground, bar grill when open)
  • Bluffton (Bike-friendly B & Bs, Park Campground)
  • Rhineland Park
  • McKittrick (beginner, 1/2 mile south convenience store on Route 19)
  • Treloar (scarf, grill when open)
  • Peers (local park store)
  • Marthasville (fuel trail, gas station, grill 1/2 mile south on Route 94)
  • Dutzow (warning, cafe-parking)
  • Augusta (main track, canteen, cafe)
  • Matson (trail)
  • Protection (bike shop from the park, bar grill when opened)
  • Weldon Spring (trail)
  • Green Bottom
  • St Charles (main rails, warehouse store, w / small park facilities)
  • Attractive cars

To learn more about the Katy-Trail safely and the tags, see the following websites.
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Seed is a justice mattress?

The bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of time and that quality time. You not only use it for sleep, but also for relaxation. To be completely relaxed you need to have a good mattress.

Justice Mattresses are a product of Justice Furniture. They produce mattresses using state-of-the-art equipment. Their mattresses provide good comfort and also guarantee their products. They have overlapping latex mattresses, Visco-Elastic foam mattresses and much more. They also produce good quality pillows and beds.

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All mattresses are guaranteed for their products. Justice produces five beds; namely, MAXIMA, MIRABELLA, GENESIS, SATURN, JUST-O-PEDIC and MORNING SPRING.

There are many competitors in the mattress segment and it is advisable to check out the Justice Mattress range and feel the quality and then buy.

Sneeze to blame for car accidents?

Most of us have done it. Young and old drivers are guilty. It is likely that we all have a sneeze at some time while at the wheel. When navigating, crossing intersections, changing lanes and otherwise minding our business as we drive, the needle can be dragged at any time. Once the crack is panicked, as the realization is determined in that sneeze it can cause an accident.

Most drivers make it through a sneeze while the driver is unworthy. But some get into accidents caused by this uncontrollable and unpredictable reflex. The dangers of sneezing while driving can be frightening.

Sneezing after wheel statistics

Little research has been done on the subject of sneezing while driving in the US, but British researchers have paid attention and recorded some extraordinary statistics.

  • According to a study conducted by English cold medicine and Olbas Max Strength flu, over two million car accidents are caused by sneezing.
  • British car repair company Halfords Autocentres reported that 2.6 million drivers in the UK admitted they were turning their eyes off the road due to symptoms of colds or flu. Halfords also blamed 2,500 accidents each week on British winters in these myriad cold and flu conditions. Sneezes, of course, are the culprits likely to blame on these flu-generated wrecks.

In the United States, the National Security Council (NSC) is clear that diverted direction is very deadly. That organization reports 1.6 million car accidents are caused by distracted driving each year, specifically blaming the driver's use of a cell phone or text while driving. But the NSC has not provided statistics on sneezing and driving.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the confused movement of any type of vehicle can be categorized under one or more of these three types:

  • Visual – eyes lift off the road while driving
  • Manual – hands are removed from the wheel while the vehicle is moving
  • Cognitive – the driver's mind is not focused on vehicle operation and driving safety

It is clear that sneezing while driving can fall under all three of those categories at once. Beyond distraction, a particularly strong sneeze can add a strong head kick to the reflex. Drivers are known to hit the head on the steering wheel and other interior surfaces of the car.

According to Halfords, drivers who sneeze behind the wheel as they drive 60 miles per hour can travel 50 meters or more with their eyes completely closed. Sneezes can cause temporary disorientation and flowing eyes in their course, increasing the distance traveled potentially without visual control.

American Road Accidents caused by sneezing while driving

While statistics are easy for this confused driving category in the United States, the results of sneezing while driving are clear. Many car accidents have been reported by police across the country.

  • In Missouri in 2012, the death of a single mother was blamed on a school teacher who lost control of her car due to sneezing.
  • In New Hartford, New York, a driver left the highway because of sneezing.
  • A Massachusetts woman is likely to cause herself to be very scared when she ends up with a state police officer because of sneezing.
  • In San Leandro, California, a sneaky truck driver caused an impact with 10 other cars.
  • The driver died after a sneezing accident in Salisbury, MD in 2011.

Experts weigh in on the dangers of sneezing as you drive

UK police officer Steve Rounds said about sneezing while driving, "sneezing can cause the sufferer to temporarily close his eyes." He went on, "Driving a car with severe cold symptoms is certainly irresponsible and an accident leading to death or serious injury can expose the sneezing driver to dangerous driving charges."

A Cantor Crane Phoenix car accident lawyer advises drivers to try to pull over and stop if a sneeze is coming. Your vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon when on the move. This makes it very important to focus on the road when behind the wheel. This means focusing your eyes and mind on the road, with your hands on the wheel. Because studies show that seven percent of sneezing drivers are in accidents due to their cold-related reflex, Crane emphasizes the importance of considering a sneeze as dangerous as other forms of distracted driving. "Your actions can cause injuries and even fatalities. So it's very important to be responsible the next time sneezing comes while you are operating your vehicle."

Early History of Bumper Stickers

In 1927, Henry Ford changed the way we got from point A to point B. We replaced the horse and carriage with Model A and then quickly found a way to turn these metal pieces into a new way to express our thoughts. Henry Ford did something else for us with the car. He set them up for thousands of people to buy and as people began to have accidents, he added the bumper to provide some protection in the front and rear of the car. Combine this bumper with America's desire for free speech, and people have found a new way to advertise their products and ideas.

The first bumper stickers were made of cardboard and metal. These were then connected by wire and wire. In fact, they looked more like a license plate than a sticker. However, these were the precursors of bumper glues, as we know them today.

A change in the way bumper glues were made would come later. In the 1930s, Forest P. Gill worked for the Crawford Manufacturing Company in Kansas City, Missouri. The company had made canvas items such as seat covers and tires. The canvas was a sturdy material that was also very versatile, as it can be printed with ink through silkscreening. These inks were different from the colors that had been used in the past, as the colors would fade or run under the sun or rain. As a result, canvas turned out to be a great option for print ads outdoors. Soon, the canvas was used for outdoor advertising on canvas wires passing over shop windows and later they were used to cover spare tires and to turn them into ads as well.

After the Crawford Manufacturing Company went out of business, Gill chose to go into business for himself. Gill obtained some printing equipment from his former employer and started a printing business in the basement of his home in 1934.

Gill tried to wrap everything up and print everything from bumper marks to cans labels. The creations were treated with chemicals to keep them from expiring and weather resistant. As Gill's operation grew, he had to hire employees. Gill moved out of the basement at 906 Central in Kansas City. The store was down the block from the Savoy Hotel, where Harry Truman would dine at the Savoy Grill.

Later in 1946, the new trend of paints and colors was born. Inc. Brotherzer's Switch located in Cleveland, Ohio created these. They introduced new colors that were called DayGlo because of their bright, bright daytime look. Gill soon began experimenting with these new inks and creating markings with himself. These inks were very eye catching and advertisers wanted to use them to get more attention.

At the same time, another revelation was being created. This breakthrough was a new adhesive-backed paper that became available for commercial printers. On the back of these papers, the backing could be pulled out and the paper could be glued to a smooth surface. Up to that point, silk screen adhesives had only been used with water-activated gum papers, but these could not be worn in the weather and split over time.

Elsewhere in Kansas City, a printer told Gill about a company that used freelancers to advertise products being sold in regional territories by traveling door-to-door. Gill contacted the Nationwide Advertising Specialties Company, located in Arlington, Texas. The company helped Gill create an ad that would warn bumper stickers for sales rappers who could then sell them to various locations, such as tourist destinations. The bumper sticker quickly became the perfect souvenir as people bought cars after the war.

The first bumper stickers were printed in blue and black backgrounds. The paint was fluorescent and they brightly announced where the family had rested. They soon helped spread the word about tourist destinations located throughout the country. To warn himself, Gill placed his company name on the bottom of the bumper sticker he printed. It launched a product that would soon become part of our democracy and become a symbol of the first change.

Hawaiian Cruise Norwegian Hawaiian & Pride of & # 39; s of America

I recently spent some time visiting most of the major islands that make up Hawaii. This was my first trip to the 50th State, and I had a hard time deciding where to stay when I got there. I have spent countless hours scouring the internet and various forums to get a scoop on which island I would enjoy the most. What I found is that each island has a lot to offer, and my ideal vacation would be spent watching them all. This is where the pride of Norwegian America came to the rescue.


Norwegian cruise lines – Pride of America set sail in 2005, and it is the first American-flagged vessel built in nearly 50 years. A look at this glorious ship; and you can say that the name "Pride of America" ​​goes further than just the outer letters. Everywhere on this ship you are reminded of what a great country the United States is, and most salons, restaurants etc … have an American theme. Some reviewers have commented that they thought this was too tidy, however, I beg to differ, to some extent, these boats are all clumsy, and that seemed to fit

the bill, however, the decor was tastefully done, and the layout of the ship itself was very functional.

One major change on this ship is that most of the staff are American Citizens. Online forums are filled with mixed comments on the level of customer service they received while on board. Many attribute this to staff who are American; however, I find this to be too narrow a thought process. I have found certain instances where service was missing, however, you are on vacation, try to ignore these limited cases and enjoy yourself. For the price you are paying for what you are experiencing, it can be overlooked.

Here is a breakdown of the Cruise from Honolulu flight to landing day.

Take it with you

· Sun cream


· Beach towel

· IPhone (sorry I'm impartial)

· USB cable and charger (USB can be used with iPhone in many rental cars)

· Check to see if your Auto Insurance Policy covers rental liability (this will save you about $ 20 each time you rent a car)


· Urbanspoon – Find places to eat based on Users who have gone before you

· TripAdvisor – Find things to do near you, Read User Reviews etc …

· Orbitz.Com – Use this book Rental Cars ahead of time, and if you book your flight through Orbitz, it will send you text messages on flight status, etc …

· GPS drive – Paid app that can replace your need for a GPS

· Threesome deck – Application that can save all your itineraries, flight numbers, confirmations etc. in one application.

· My radar – Weather app that gives you almost real-time weather maps

· Open Table – Reservations for busy restaurants


Day 1 – My group and I flew to Honolulu International Airport and collected luggage on the carousel. Immediately outside the terminal is a taxi station with an employee who will assist you and your party with transportation to and from your hotel and / or port. The fare from Waikiki Airport was $ 35. I chose to fly in the day before I allowed myself time to tune in to change the weather off the East Coast of the United States.

I was looking for a safe, clean and cheap hotel in the Waikiki area within walking distance of the beach. I found this at Waikiki Miramar. The hotel was booked for about $ 145 on Hotels.com, and it really exceeded my expectations.

We all got upgraded to an Oceanview room with a balcony on the 15th floor. This hotel is close to many shops and restaurants, and within a couple of blocks to the beach. There's a Denny's right outside the hotel for breakfast, and the International Market place for shopping outside the hotel doors. I found a fantastic Pho Vietnamese place in this market, and it was the best meal I had while in Hawaii.

You can also travel down to the Ala Moana mall and shop for hours at this gigantic mall, with one of the best Asian food courts I've ever seen.

Day 2boarding .

We left the Miramar Hotel around noon and took a taxi to Port. (A $ 22 fee) Upon arrival, you are instructed to tag the luggage and take a short walk to the luggage holders scanning the luggage. Once they receive the luggage, you are required to register and place your account on board with Norwegian. This is your only source of buying power when on board, cash is nowhere accepted on board. Now that the techniques are completed, you are ready in 7 days to see some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

If you notice I've gone on board around lunch. The boat can board early in the morning although it does not sail until later in the afternoon. Aloha coffee is available for lunch, and we took full advantage. I was struck by the fact that along with the standard American fare, there was an Asian and Indian section of the buffet daily. After lunch, we waited approximately 30 minutes and they began announcing the number of rooms available. This proved to be enough time for my wife and I to settle into our balcony room and take a nap before dinner. We booked a balcony stateroom (7158) and as we entered the room we were a little surprised by the size of the stateroom. It was smaller than the other balcony rooms we have booked in the past, with less storage and a smaller TV. It should also be noted that the bathroom didn't come with the complimentary toiletries I've seen on board other boats. Size etc … it's not a deal break, and once we got used to it, it became a non-issue. The balconies are sufficient in size, with 2 chairs and a small table.

DAYS 3 & 4 – CAN

The ship arrived at the port of Kahului (Maui) at 7am and would board there by 6am the next day. As this was a night stop, passengers are allowed to come and go as they wish, no matter the time of night. The area we bonded in is an industrial warehouse area, and once you leave the boat, many car rental agencies offer transfers to rent cars. I recommend renting your car in each of the islands, with the possible exception of Kona, and will describe this later. Also, you must book your car before arrival to ensure availability. The rates are really reasonable on all islands.

Our other decision was: Where do we go and what do we see? I am sure that any guidebook you will ever read in Maui will order you to direct the Road to Hana. I was dead doing this before I got here, but I tend to look for signs that point me in certain directions. One such sign came to me during a Grand Slam Breakfast … Our waiter at Denny & # 39; s in Oahu was a Hawaiian native, and as it turns out, a guided sage! Her advice to me was that I definitely had to make my way to Hana if I wanted to get stressed out, stuck in traffic for 4 hours, just to get to a city with very little to do. She advised us to look at the Haleakala Crater and travel the road leading to Lahaina and see the same sights. I know I will have some who will disagree with me, but I'm glad I went with my gut. So …

After getting our rental car, we decided to hop into Haleakala National Park to see the Haleakala Crater. The cruise line offers both sunrise and a bike ride through the crater. I'm sure this would be a site to look at; however, we decided to simply see the island at our leisure and did not want to be on a set schedule. Promoting to the park is very simple (using a GPS), and before entering the park, look for Lodge Kula. There is a small shop near the restaurant that is your last chance to get food and snack before you enter the park.

I was a little worried about visibility into the crater as it was so late in the morning as this could be an issue; however we had 100% visibility and were amazed at the summit views. The climb up was great as you actually pass through the clouds on your way to 10,000+ feet in the air. I would warn anyone with any health condition affected by altitude to consult a doctor. I personally have asthma, and I can feel my chest tightening and my heartbeat going up, but it wasn't that bad that I couldn't enjoy myself. After leaving the park, it was lunch time and headed back to Kula Lodge for lunch. The food here was somewhat pricey at lunch, but we grabbed a pizza, and enjoyed the phenomenal view from off the deck.

After lunch, we traveled to the Maui Ocean Center, a large multi-exhibit aquarium located about 25 minutes from the cruise port. The exhibits were great, admission was around $ 22, and you can see most of the footage in about 2 hours. After our visit, we returned to the boat to relax and have dinner. You are allowed to park your rental car overnight at a walking distance to the boat. On our second day in Maui, we decided to travel up the coast to Lahaina to see some sights and do some shopping. The road leading to Lahaina is filled with beautiful beaches, mountains and it becomes increasingly difficult to paddle when you really just want to retreat and stay on the beach all day. If you feel so inclined, I'm sure you won't regret it. I should point out that once you enter Lahaina, you will want to look for the Old Lahaina Front Street Here is the shopping place. It's another route, but there aren't many purchases.

Lahaina shopping consists of many chain stores, local artisans, many restaurants, and you are right on the water, so it is a very relaxing environment. There is a Gubs Bubba, Kimos and some other multi-value restaurants. However, when I'm out of town, I enjoy eating what locals eat. So we headed to Aloha Plate Mixed. The Aloha mixed dish is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. They have a great outdoor seating area close to the water, and have ample supplies of cold drinks, and their mixed dishes were the best I had on the islands. The Kalua Pork was tremendous! The service was a little slow; however, a waitress in our area was doing her best to please everyone. After lunch, we returned to the agency for rent.

You should plan to do this no later than 30 minutes to an hour before you plan to return to the board. You leave your car, and then catch a transfer to the port.

Day 5 – Hilo, 8am – 6pm

Hilo – Same Exercise …. Got out of the boat, grabbed a transfer to my booked rental agency and boarded the Volcano National Park. This area of ​​Hilo has many shops and gas stations to stop the journey to the snacks bathroom etc … Since we only had one day in Hilo, the weather was essential. We entered the park (at a nominal fee) and found that all the attractions were clearly marked, and could be easily directed on your own. We first stopped at the steam channels, an area where heat from the volcano causes steam when it comes into contact with water.

A few steps away from this you have a picturesque view and after coming out here head straight to the Jagger Museum. Here you will find information on Kilauea, and the best views of the volcano. The loop around the volcano is currently closed due to volcanic fumes, but the areas that are open are spectacular. When leaving the park, be sure to take a stroll through the lava tubes.

This is an underground tunnel that formed through the flow of lava. It's very interesting and a very easy walk for most people. The whole walk takes about 15-20 minutes.

After leaving the Volcano National Park, write to Mauna Loa Macadamia Farm on the old GPS and take a self-guided tour of this great Macadamia Plantation. The tour itself is not all fun, but the trees are something new to people's eyes, and you can stop by the gift shop for free samples, and buy some snacks for the road.

This whole process should not take more than 30 minutes from the time you travel, until you leave. The next stop is one of my favorites from this whole trip: Akaka Falls. Once again, we found this area by typing the name only on our Garmin GPS. This destination takes you a bit off the beaten path through a small town and through some cow pastures, but the falls themselves are worth every minute of it! You'll know when you're approaching when you see the cars lined up on the side of the road. These cars are parked here because there is a fee to park in the park area. I suggest you pay the price and park here. Revenue from parking fees is used to maintain these areas. Once you arrive, you will see a walkway, and after about a 15 minute walk downhill you will see the beautiful Akaka Waters.

After leaving the falls, it was time for a late lunch, so we headed downtown Hilo. I highly recommend Café Pesto in the old town area. The setting of this place is that of 1950s Hawaii. The food is excellent, and affordable, and a view of the old city area; and the ocean makes you want to stay up for dinner!

If you have done all of the above, it will only be time to return the car and head back to the ship. On your return, be sure to stop and see the Banyan Trees planted by movers and shakers at that time on Banyan Tree Drive. But wait: No trip to Hilo would be complete without a trip to Hilo Hatties! On your way to turning into rental car agencies, stop by and pay homage to one of the biggest gift shop chains in the

Hawaii: Hilo Hatties.

The store is loaded with every type of Hawaiian sovunier you can imagine, browsing Hawaiian shirts, coconut syrup, jewels, etc … but be prepared to pay. This store has a great selection, but if shopping is what you're looking for, go downtown or expect to get that gift for Uncle Tony in Kona. He returned the car and took the boat back to the ship.

Day 6 Kona – 7am ​​- 6pm

Kona is a port of call on this trip that I would consider NOT to rent a car. Since you are only in port for the day, (this is also a tender port) you can lose a few hours just bidding, go to the rental agency, rent your car and allow as much time to return the car, and tender back to the boat. If you decide to rent a car, you can visit various attractions on the island such as the Refugee City, or the Kona Coffee Plantation. If you're just looking for some R&R, Hapuna Beach State Park is your favorite beach access area on this island. Hapuna Beach is about 30 minutes from the cruise port by car. We chose to spend the day shopping in many shops along the main road in Kona, and for lunch at the Kona Inn. The Kona Inn opens at 11:30 am, and offers a fantastic view of the ocean as you eat.

Meals at lunch are much more than sandwich tickets, but the ambiance makes up for any food shortages. After the purchase, we took a taxi to a local beach, where many of the cruise ship staff and some locals were hanging out. Here you can get shaved ice, and swim and snorkel with native sea turtles.

Day 7 – Kauai (Nawilliwilli) 8am to 2pm the next day

Kauai is my favorite island in Hawaii. This island is much more laid back than the others, the scenery is gorgeous, and there are chickens everywhere! Yes, chickens … According to locals, these chickens spread like crazy during a storm a few years ago. Hawaii law protects all native birds, and these chickens are no exception. You will see them everywhere you go, they pose no threat and add violence to this picturesque island.

It should also be noted that since Hawaii has no indigenous predators, the chicken population does not diminish … unless they roam a local property, at which point they may

it's dinner!

Once again, rent the car and take your trip. You would be having a big problem if you didn't rent a car on this island.

The biggest drawback of car rental on this island is the parking situation. The overnight main parking area is quite far from the boat near the Anchor Cove shopping center. if you are planning to leave by 9pm, plan to walk with a group. Latest shipping by

Anchor Cove Shopping Center runs at 9pm. Since the boat is parked in an industrial area, the surroundings are somewhat dizzying. I wouldn't say you have to fear for your safety at night walking back, however, my wife and I did the last walk 9, and while we were not afraid for our safety, it was a bit of a sketch.

I believe Norway should either provide parking closer to the port, or reach some agreement with shipping companies. Some of the older guests on our trip didn't want to make the trip, so we were able to go close to the port and drop them off. That said, the shuttle service is very convenient and will take you to many of the nearby shopping centers.

The first thing on our to-do list upon arrival was seeing the Waimea Canyon. Waimea Canyon is the island's version of the Grand Canyon. Once you approach the road that leads you to the canyon, stop at the last refueling station you see and catch a few batches of steam filled with Shoyu chicken for the ride. In Waimea Canyon, you have a picturesque (many) view to enjoy the canyon, and there is also a fruit stand to buy fresh fruit. Helicopter tours are also available to view the canyon and the island as a whole. If you have the money, I think this would be the island that would be used to take that helicopter ride.

You can leave Waimea Canyon and see Kokee Park, but by the time we got there the fog made visibility nearly 0%. After leaving these areas, we headed towards the tourist area in Poipu Beach. On the way, you can stop at the Kauai Coffee Plantation. This plantation provides free samples of some of the best coffee in the world. It's available for purchase, and I recommend you do so.

We arrived in Poipu Beach area and stopped at Broiler Beach in Brenneke. Brenneke's has great, fresh seafood, and it's exactly the kind of beach restaurant I love. You bypass Poipu Beach Park; this was my favorite place throughout the trip. If you are looking to spend the day at a beach in Kauai, I would recommend you come here, you will not regret it.

To celebrate the conclusion of our Hawaii adventure, we chose to do it in the "Hawaiian" way and planned to attend Luau. Although we all know that Luau on the island can be quite a tourist and not a representative of the islands, I chose to book with one that has been operating in Kauai for decades. Many of you will find it difficult to defend the Luau offered by the NCL, but trust me, save your money and go to the Smith Luau Family.

The Smith Luau family is located near the Wailua River and is family owned and operated, and has been for decades. You can tell from the opening ceremony that the Elder of this family is very proud of the business he has built and his family. The grounds are beautiful, the food is exceptional, and all drinks are included in the price of admission, and plentiful.

The show itself is great, the performers are great and there is not a bad place in the house. One very important note: P USER YOUR GPS, AND TYPE N. SMITHS TROPICAL PARADISE. The only time we missed out on the trip was using the address given to us on our tickets for this luau. Also, on this road to allow some time for traffic, as you will travel the main road.

The next day we got into some last minute shopping and boarded the boat early, as we were asked to board during lunch time.

DAY 8 – Download

The Norwegian landing procedures were very well organized, not a hassle. The only excursion we booked through the boat was a Pearl Harbor and USS Missouri tour, so we were scheduled to meet in the main auditorium to leave the boat. The main advantage I found while booking this tour is that we had a late flight, and this 8 hour tour allowed us to see the sights, and not wait in line to make it.

We left the boat and boarded our bus to see Pearl Harbor. The excursion information didn't tell us this, but this tour also gave us a tour of the city of Honolulu, where you get to see the city (as well as the office of Dog The Bounty Hunter!) The tour takes you over to Punchbowl Cemetery, then to Pearl Harbor & The Mighty Mo (USS Missouri). This tour is one of the best I have ever taken. Time flies even if you are not a history buff. I would recommend this tour to anyone over the age of 6. It's a very solemn and sobering tour, but something that everyone should see. It drives home the point that war is real, and greed, hatred and ignorance in whatever form have devastating consequences.

After that, we headed to the airport and took the heavy flight back to the East Coast of the United States.


This cruise is the best way to see all of the islands of Hawaii in such a short time, and for the price. It is a very intense harbor cruise, so do not take days off at sea as some cruises offer. Accommodations were adequate, generally the boat itself if it was nice. I'd recommend taking breakfast by boat every day, but if you have the money, go out to the islands and eat what the locals eat and support these small businesses. What I believe the ship should focus on in future cruises is the quality and flavor of the food they serve, and the level of customer service has to be taken on several levels.

This is not to say that some onboard did not exceed my expectations, however, other cruise lines have far exceeded my expectations in this area.

I would recommend this boat to anyone and I think the positives outweigh the negatives. You will not be disappointed.

PS Learn two words before you go, Aloha

& Mahalo, use them every chance you get!

3 ways to avoid ruining car accident negotiation

Here's the most important thing you need to know about dealing with your insurance company for a car accident injury claim: they don't think of payments as essential to helping pay for medical bills. For them, your injury claim is just an obligation that they must find a way to repay. It's just a business transaction. This gives the insurance company a lot of power over the total amount of your settlement. However, once you understand the tricks they use, you will be able to negotiate your injury claim for a much better price.

Fortunately, you found this article! Because I am a car accident lawyer, I have spent my fair share of time fighting large insurance corporations. I know what mistakes people often make that can leave them without helping pay for their medical bills.

Many people do not realize that the insurance company treats your medical bills like any other business transaction: it is controversial. To know how you can get the most out of your car accident insurance claim, you need to understand these principles of negotiating with insurance regulators.

1. Always allow them to make an offer first. You probably shouldn't get the first offer you get because it's almost never the true cost of your damage. Go into the negotiations with the same mindset you would have if you went to a used car dealer: sticker pricing is usually higher than the car is really worth, but this gives you a starting point for the negotiations.

Plus, before you know what your claim really is, you need to find out how extensive your injuries are and whether you will need long-term medical treatment or expensive surgeries. Once you have a starting point from the insurance adjuster, you can figure out how much basis you have for more.

2. Stay awake and calm. You will no longer benefit from claiming a car accident injury if you are not at the top of your game. You need to prevent the insurance regulator from getting the upper hand because you have been injured in a car accident.

3. Consider what you can let go. Like any negotiation, you can get a better position on some issues if you give up some of your claims on others. Consider what is most important and least, and be prepared to give up what you do not need.

These tips will help you negotiate with the insurance regulator, but there are a whole host of other scams that the insurance company will use to deny you help pay your medical bills. That is why it is so important to find out as much as you can about how the insurance company works, in order to learn their secrets and fight the insurance company.

What a tour broker is and how to become one

The person running a travel company is a broker. A mediator is a mediator. Brokers buy or arrange items or services and sell these items or services to the end buyer. Some examples of brokers are:

Independent insurance agents. These agents do not provide insurance; they arrange insurance for you from an insurance company. Insurance agents usually receive a commission from an insurance company.

Stock brokers. Like insurance brokers, stock brokers help you buy and sell stocks. They do not own shares. These agents also receive a commission based on the quantity sold.

Real estate broker. Again, these brokers do not own the properties they sell and they get a commission based on the value of what they sell.

There are also tour intermediaries. Tour agents serve a variety of clients. This article is about what is tour brokerage and the basics of this business.

Here's a good description if it's a tour: A trip to various places of interest for business, pleasure or guidance.

Here the journey is defined: To go from place to place, as in a journey; trip.

A tour, then, is not just a journey but a journey for the purpose of being fun or interesting. You can think of a tour as an extended trip with the facility to see and experience an area. Traveling, on the other hand, is usually just about moving from place to place.

A tour broker works with people on an ongoing basis. If you want to get involved in this kind of business, you have to want to work with people – you have to be a person.

Tour agents are not travel agents. Travel agents arrange the travel needs of their clients. Usually a travel agent will only work with individuals or small groups (families, for example). Travel agents also always buy something that is already in place (air travel, car rentals, hotels, etc.), they originate nothing.

Tour agents originate – they arrange tours, they arrange transportation, they arrange accommodation, they arrange meals and arrange other services for their clients. A tour broker plans what kind of tour he / she wants to operate.

Next, the tour broker makes adjustments to the various components of the tour – transportation, food, lodging, attractions, etc.

There are many types of travel companies. Some offer guided tours of a local area – city tours or a retreat, for example. Some offer nature tours – guided tours through the Grand Canyon fall into this category. Some offer tours to various national and state parks. Some offer tours across a large area, a multi-country tour is a good example.


You may have to make inspections of hotels and attractions that will be part of your tour. If you are used to it, you will know how to get "perfect" rooms and meals (short for complimentary or Free). If you are going to go along with the tour, you should expect to get comps again. How to set it up in order to get comps is something your mentor needs to learn.


As I mentioned before, this is a business business. Getting to work with people and like solving problems is a key requirement.

Just like a church is a church because someone calls it a church, a tour broker is a tour broker because someone says they are a tour broker. There is no license requirement. If you operate a business you may need to obtain a federal tax number and your county or city may require you to obtain a business license. As for the need for a license to become a tour broker – no license required. From the mid-1930s to the 1980s, transportation was strictly controlled by the Enterprise Trade Commission (ICC). Under the Deregulation Act of 1982, competition was allowed and the need for federal authority became a thing of the past.

Depending on where you are, you may need a business license. Call your local district office and request the office responsible for business licenses. This should be easy as all they really want is for you to submit some documents and pay them a small fee.

If you are going to make money (and why else get in business?) You will need to get a federal tax number. This number is called a tax identification number (TIN) and is used in business as much as a social security number is used for benefits.

I have looked at various websites online saying they are interested in how to become a tour operator. Most don't seem to understand what a tour operator is or does. Those who approach the concept either offer to learn or provide links to sites that can prepare someone on how to be a tour guide. A tour guide is not a tour operator – at best, a tour guide works for a tour operator.

The tour operator runs his / her business

It's as simple as that – you own and run the business. If you are planning to make a profit, follow this rule – buy low, sell high. People tend to make things very difficult. You buy at one price and sell at another price, easy?

The real “trick” to making money in the touring business is understanding that even (EU) breaking concept. The breaking point is also where you don't waste money and where you don't make money. To help you understand this idea you need to understand that there are two types of costs in most businesses – fixed and variable. A fixed cost is what will happen if you have 10 clients or 46. Office rent is a fixed cost. You have to pay rent whether you operate a tour or not. Variable cost is a cost that depends on something else. An example of a variable cost would be the cost of a tow (theme park). If you have 20 clients, your total withdrawal cost is dependent on the number of clients you have.

The lack of good information about this business led me to believe that those who do business do not want competition or have time to write about how they run their business. A well thought out, well-publicized tour can bring in thousands of revenue. For example, suppose you have a seven-day bus tour. The tour sells for $ 985.00 (per person, double occupancy) and you have 36 people to go on your tour. The gross proceeds on this tour will be over $ 35,000.00 and you should be able to keep at least $ 10,000.00 of that amount.

Is this the kind of business for you?

It is possible to earn some serious money in this business – you can lose money too. Here are some basic requirements you must have before starting such a business.

You enjoy working with people

You don't have to be scared when things go from good to bad to worse

You should be able to organize things easily

You must have at least a working knowledge of certain computer programs – word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail

You need to have a copy machine and a fax machine

You must have at least one phone

You need to have at least one fairly up-to-date computer

What kind of tours and what else do I do?

The world is your oyster

This is really the fun part – you can go anywhere! Successful agents take three-day tours from Denver to the Rocky Mountains and seven-day trips to Branson, Missouri. East Coast Brokers offers tours to New England and parts of Eastern Canada, as well as longer tours to the American Southwest.

Seattle brokers make a good business operating tour in the Copper Canyon of Mexico. Some brokers offer tours of music events, art shows and short trips to New York City for Christmas shopping.

Where to go depends on you as long as you keep it reasonable. Going to Iraq right now may not be the best choice, but there is a UK company offering tours and operating in Iraq – make sure your customers sign many disclosures saying you have no guilt in your case of death. Given the current state of the economy, it may not be wise to limit your North American offerings, but tours to Costa Rica seem to sell very well.

To find out more about this interesting business click here.

The tax advantages of a network marketing business

One of the things that many people tend to overlook when deciding to start a home business, through network marketing, are the associated tax advantages. As with larger corporations, you can take advantage of the tax codes attached to businesses to save the amount you are currently sending to the government.

Involve your business

While it may not be a necessity immediately after you start your business, incorporating and running your business through that corporation can provide hundreds of tax savings each year, due to tax deductions that can be claimed by corporations that are not available to you. individuals. It is best to get advice from a tax accountant who can help you determine when inclusion makes the most sense, but don't ignore this tool for tax savings too long.

Common expenses that become tax deductible

There are the usual expenses that tax deductions are suddenly made when you become the owner of a network marketing business. Since most of these businesses now require mobile and internet access, these bills can now be deducted at tax time. In the same way, the cost of a new computer, printer or fax machine all becomes a legitimate business expense. If you are able to dedicate part of your home or apartment to an office (it may not be a multipurpose room, eg bedroom / office), this percentage of your rent / mortgage and services also may be required. like deductions.

Products given as samples

While you may not deduct from the tax items from your monthly auto expense you consume, you can deduct the cost of whatever you give as samples to prospective customers. Let's say you're a health and wellness company and you give a sample of vitamins to a prospective customer for $ 20, you're allowed to claim that amount in your taxes, so make sure you keep a diary of what product, the date you gave it and the name of the prospect. This information is extremely important in the event of a check. Also, during your first year in business, the cost of the startup package you have chosen to get your network marketing venture off the ground is 100% tax deductible, given that it is mandatory to get started.

Other discounts

Most network marketing companies hold annual conferences. Your expenses for attending these events, and others that may be held in the region, are fully deductible as a business expense. Travel, hotel and food are all items you can track and claim.


Every time you have questions about what is and is not acceptable as a deduction on your tax bill, consult a professional. But please keep in mind that maintaining a home business is one of the best ways available to the everyday person to reduce the amount of money owed to federal and state governments at the end of the year. Many items that you are currently paying for out of pocket but cannot be deducted immediately become deductions once you have started your career in the marketing network.

Storage facilities and their advantages

If you are looking for a suitable place to store your redundant properties or a storage facility when moving to a new home, or relocating to another city, or simply renovating or remodeling your home, there can be many in your locality. You will find such marriages or such devices in Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and other U.S. states.

These facilities provide general logistics and relieve you of all the stresses associated with moving home. If you have moved to a new city, you and your family are already under stress. Such storage facilities relieve you of the further stress of packing, loading and moving your assets to the new location.

Why do you need these facilities

Living in a home for years, people tend to accumulate properties they don't want to own. Your children move out and you move to a smaller home. You find that you are unable to fit all of your possessions into your smaller home.

If you are renovating your home, you and your property need to move, and it may take months before your home becomes habitable again. You and your family relocate to a hotel in the neighborhood and need a place to transfer all your household properties inside.

That is why you need the services of these facilities. They provide storage for your belongings along with complete logistics for packing and shipping.

No confused service

Confidentiality marriages as millions have done in the past. Deliver the full logistics of moving your home toward them. They offer a complete trouble-free service. They have the materials required to do the necessary, and without any interference from you. Just sit down and watch the professionals do their job.

The only trouble you have to go through is the hassle of getting the right storage unit for your properties. This is also not really a problem as the people managing the facilities are looking to answer all your requests. They can guide you to the right unit size to fit your needs, though only you know what you want to store.

All storage facilities have a range of sizes for your needs. Depending on what you want to store, there are units as small as a coat closet that can accommodate some standard sized boxes, and units large enough to take all of your 4-5 bedroom property.

Moreover, many have climate-controlled units where the temperature can be adjusted to heat or cool the unit as required. These are suitable for storing expensive and sensitive equipment and instruments, as well as your artwork, wax works and fragile crystal items.

Many storage facilities have space to easily park your cars, boats, yachts and RVs.

You are charged rent on a monthly basis. For longer leases, many deposit marriages offer discounts. Some go as far as offering a 99% first month rental discount, subject to availability.

Ex-offenders can make great employees

Individuals with criminal backgrounds are often overlooked or avoided during the hiring process. Many companies are hesitant to hire ex-offenders for fear they pose security risks.

As the owner of a company that has successfully hired many former jail workers, we have found a good number that not only survive but thrive when placed in the right environment.

Many show strong professional growth and over time take on more responsibility. Some have risen to the ranks of management where they continue to excel and receive high performance grades.

They not only make a contribution as a workforce leader, but they also make a positive impact at home with their families and friends.

The reason for this success is to create a model focused on free drama in the workplace. Standards can be set when conflict is kept to a minimum if not prevented.

Free leadership, business, mentoring and financial planning courses can be offered to ex-offenders as they are for other company members. This includes an extensive program with plenty of time for reflection, thought and discussion on both business and personal issues.

Benefits packages that can include tax-free donations to a special fund for those in need, a $ 1,000 gift to first-time home buyers, optional retreats and a weekly market visit are also most helpful in this process.

Nationally many corporations are hiring ex-criminals. Home Depot, Target, Walmart and Koch Industries have been recognized along with others in 150 cities and counties, and in 28 states, using "stop the box" applications. This law prohibits employers from requiring job applicants to check a box indicating that they have a criminal record.

Those who check the box are often automatically excluded from considering work without being able to discuss the nature of the crime. Waiting later in the interview to inquire about criminal history provides them with a criminal precedent a fairer chance to compete for a job. Missouri is among those states that have passed this legislation.

Providing ex-prisoners a better shot at work is good for business and society. Research shows that more than 65 million people in the US have a criminal record, from low-level property crimes to violent crimes. More than 600,000 are released from prison each year. Many believe that excluding these people from the working group is impractical and bad for the economy. Those unable to find work may be forced to return to a life of crime and an overcrowded prison system.

Companies can trust them and give them hope. They can tell ex-offenders to draw a solid line from where they came from and start acting like the person they should be. Then ask how the company can help them.

Many ex-offenders are willing to pay the price for returning to society and have a second chance at life. Those who make that sacrifice have not only become outstanding employees but also outstanding leaders.

Powell Garden Wedding – Six Tips to Help You Plan an Amazing Wedding in This Beautiful Place

As a Kansas City wedding photographer, I have photographed several weddings at Powell Gardens, located at 1609 N.W. US Highway 50 in Kingsville, Mo. We love this place. It is a romantic and beautiful place for a wedding. But what makes it so unique can also present some unique challenges for a bride and groom, their wedding and the guests. Here are some tips to get the most out of your wedding day experience:

  1. Be on time – the location is a botanical garden spreading over 900 acres. The country is very widespread. The bride's dressing room is a good distance from the Chapel and reception areas. This can present logistical challenges that a wedding would not experience elsewhere, so being 20 minutes late from leaving the dressing room can add a ton of stress to your wedding day and really cramp your schedule. .
  2. Have a pair of comfortable walking shoes – As we have said this place is great. The whole site is loaded with breathtaking photo opportunities, but it takes a bit of walking to get to the various scenic spots. And let’s face it, most wedding shoes are stylishly made in the mind not comfort. Bring a pair of extra slippers or shoes that you can easily slip between snatching photos and harassment in a wheelchair and parking lot. Great photography is everywhere in Powell Gardens, but they all require hiking to reach.
  3. Chapel Time is Limited – Marjorie Powell Allen Memorial Chapel is one of a kind for weddings in Kansas City. Since the chapel is used for numerous events throughout the day and is supposed to be open to visitors wherever possible, gardens have a strict policy regarding the timing of church reservations. This means that the two-hour block you reserve is just that: two hours.
  4. Consider a Second Photographer – If you have a big wedding, or are planning a fall or winter wedding in Powell Gardens, these can pose challenges to a photography plan that depends on a single photographer. Light can be in short supply in the fall and winter making your outdoor photography time more limited. These factors paired with the spread of the nature of the venue and the time constraints of the hat can make a team of two photographers a smart choice to make your photography more efficient.
  5. Develop a checklist for important items – located in Kingsville, Mo., and about a 25-minute drive from Kansas CIty, the gardens are quite remote. So forgetting your warranty can pose some serious challenges in returning to your hotel, home, or retail store to replace the lost item. Develop a list of essentials ahead of time for your big day. Keep these items in a duffle bag in a car you know will carry items to Powell Gardens. Triple check the list before leaving.
  6. Keep Your Friends List – For a comfortable ceremony at Powell Gardens church, you'll need to keep your friends list below 100. As nice as it may be, the hat is not meant to be a wedding chapel, but more sacred. Space is at a premium there.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a wonderful and joyous experience at this terrific Kansas City wedding venue! Check out a gallery of our wedding photography from Powell Gardens.