5 Things to Do When You Visit Branson, MO

Branson, Missouri is one of the largest tourist destinations in the Midwest. There is a lot of attraction in Branson, and people of all ages are sure to find some things to see and do while in town. While there are hundreds of museums, museums, shops, parks, playgrounds and other activities in Branson, the following are five of the most recommended.
1. Branson Scenic Railway

For a wonderful scenic tour of the Ozarks and the surrounding Branson area, a trip to the Scenic Railways is a must. While on a rail tour, the guide provides riders with a lot of information and history about the Branson area.
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The scenery that can be seen from the train is breathtaking, and the train cars, which were designed as they were in the old days, allow riders to feel like they are on a train journey from the past.

2. Dixie Stampon’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show
This show is one of Branson’s most popular attractions. The characters on stage have superb costumes, gorgeous singing voices, and are expert at riding the 32 horses participating in the show. The dinner served is delicious and can be considered home cooking.

3. The Presidency of America

One of the most recommended museums in Branson is the Museum of the Presidency of America. This museum is anything but ordinary, and a visit is really fun.
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The museum is home to several dresses, which were owned and dressed up by some former First Ladies, and there are also exhibits containing some of the personal items from the estates of President Lincoln, President Roosevelt, and President Kennedy.

4. Whether or not Ripley trusts the museum

This museum is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the whole city. There are several hundred items in the museum that have entertained and surprised visitors for decades.
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The building that houses the museum was built to look as if it were a victim of the 1812 earthquake that struck Missouri.

5. The Silver Dollar City

City Dollar Silver is a theme park that is a favorite among visitors of all ages. The park includes a craftsman’s village reminiscent of an 1880s town, trips to the amusement park and a water park called “White Water.” City Dollar Silver also usually hosts various music festivals and celebrations.
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The park has a night fireworks display in addition to a laser show and music. There are several places to dine in and around City Dollar Silver, but a trip to the Branson Belle Showboat – a cruise ship – is a truly memorable experience as it includes a meal as well as a dinner show.