Powell Garden Wedding – Six Tips to Help You Plan an Amazing Wedding in This Beautiful Place

As a Kansas City wedding photographer, I have photographed several weddings at Powell Gardens, located at 1609 N.W. US Highway 50 in Kingsville, Mo. We love this place. It is a romantic and beautiful place for a wedding. But what makes it so unique can also present some unique challenges for a bride and groom, their wedding and the guests. Here are some tips to get the most out of your wedding day experience:

  1. Be on time – the location is a botanical garden spreading over 900 acres. The country is very widespread. The bride's dressing room is a good distance from the Chapel and reception areas. This can present logistical challenges that a wedding would not experience elsewhere, so being 20 minutes late from leaving the dressing room can add a ton of stress to your wedding day and really cramp your schedule. .
  2. Have a pair of comfortable walking shoes – As we have said this place is great. The whole site is loaded with breathtaking photo opportunities, but it takes a bit of walking to get to the various scenic spots. And let’s face it, most wedding shoes are stylishly made in the mind not comfort. Bring a pair of extra slippers or shoes that you can easily slip between snatching photos and harassment in a wheelchair and parking lot. Great photography is everywhere in Powell Gardens, but they all require hiking to reach.
  3. Chapel Time is Limited – Marjorie Powell Allen Memorial Chapel is one of a kind for weddings in Kansas City. Since the chapel is used for numerous events throughout the day and is supposed to be open to visitors wherever possible, gardens have a strict policy regarding the timing of church reservations. This means that the two-hour block you reserve is just that: two hours.
  4. Consider a Second Photographer – If you have a big wedding, or are planning a fall or winter wedding in Powell Gardens, these can pose challenges to a photography plan that depends on a single photographer. Light can be in short supply in the fall and winter making your outdoor photography time more limited. These factors paired with the spread of the nature of the venue and the time constraints of the hat can make a team of two photographers a smart choice to make your photography more efficient.
  5. Develop a checklist for important items – located in Kingsville, Mo., and about a 25-minute drive from Kansas CIty, the gardens are quite remote. So forgetting your warranty can pose some serious challenges in returning to your hotel, home, or retail store to replace the lost item. Develop a list of essentials ahead of time for your big day. Keep these items in a duffle bag in a car you know will carry items to Powell Gardens. Triple check the list before leaving.
  6. Keep Your Friends List – For a comfortable ceremony at Powell Gardens church, you'll need to keep your friends list below 100. As nice as it may be, the hat is not meant to be a wedding chapel, but more sacred. Space is at a premium there.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a wonderful and joyous experience at this terrific Kansas City wedding venue! Check out a gallery of our wedding photography from Powell Gardens.