The tax advantages of a network marketing business

One of the things that many people tend to overlook when deciding to start a home business, through network marketing, are the associated tax advantages. As with larger corporations, you can take advantage of the tax codes attached to businesses to save the amount you are currently sending to the government.

Involve your business

While it may not be a necessity immediately after you start your business, incorporating and running your business through that corporation can provide hundreds of tax savings each year, due to tax deductions that can be claimed by corporations that are not available to you. individuals. It is best to get advice from a tax accountant who can help you determine when inclusion makes the most sense, but don't ignore this tool for tax savings too long.

Common expenses that become tax deductible

There are the usual expenses that tax deductions are suddenly made when you become the owner of a network marketing business. Since most of these businesses now require mobile and internet access, these bills can now be deducted at tax time. In the same way, the cost of a new computer, printer or fax machine all becomes a legitimate business expense. If you are able to dedicate part of your home or apartment to an office (it may not be a multipurpose room, eg bedroom / office), this percentage of your rent / mortgage and services also may be required. like deductions.

Products given as samples

While you may not deduct from the tax items from your monthly auto expense you consume, you can deduct the cost of whatever you give as samples to prospective customers. Let's say you're a health and wellness company and you give a sample of vitamins to a prospective customer for $ 20, you're allowed to claim that amount in your taxes, so make sure you keep a diary of what product, the date you gave it and the name of the prospect. This information is extremely important in the event of a check. Also, during your first year in business, the cost of the startup package you have chosen to get your network marketing venture off the ground is 100% tax deductible, given that it is mandatory to get started.

Other discounts

Most network marketing companies hold annual conferences. Your expenses for attending these events, and others that may be held in the region, are fully deductible as a business expense. Travel, hotel and food are all items you can track and claim.


Every time you have questions about what is and is not acceptable as a deduction on your tax bill, consult a professional. But please keep in mind that maintaining a home business is one of the best ways available to the everyday person to reduce the amount of money owed to federal and state governments at the end of the year. Many items that you are currently paying for out of pocket but cannot be deducted immediately become deductions once you have started your career in the marketing network.